Dr. Ron Bowsher will be a panelist during the Immuno-Oncology Session

Ron Bowsher, Ph.D. will be a panelist at the 14th annual Indiana Life Sciences Summit in Indianapolis on Oct. 9.

The Indiana Life Sciences Summit will take place at the JW Marriott in downtown Indianapolis.  The summit will have several speakers discussing, among other topics, breakthroughs and innovation in global health, capital formation and evidence based medicine.

Dr. Bowsher will be participating in the scientific session of the Indiana Life Sciences Summit during the Immuno-Oncology session.

“As a panelist, I will offer analytical and drug development insights that are important for progressing new bio-therapeutic drug candidates in nonclinical and clinical studies,” says Dr. Bowsher.

The summit will help B2S grow locally in Indiana.

“In addition to the educational benefit, this summit will bring together local Indiana entities who have a common interest in supporting life sciences,” says Dr. Bowsher. “The summit has the potential for collaborations to allow us to leverage our diverse capabilities to provide improved efficiency and decision-making for development of new innovative therapeutics.  This is beneficial for both patients and the Indiana economy.”

B2S Life Sciences is a biotherapeutic enablement company who provides pre-analytical and post-analytical services to Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Diagnostic companies. Our mission is to leverage our extensive expertise in protein chemistry, bioanalytical methods development, pharmacokinetics/ADME, immunogenicity testing and statistical analysis to provide superior custom reagent products and services that are tailored to our clients’ needs, and to manage these products and services for clients throughout the drug development process. As a result, our combination of expertise, products, and services thereby uniquely qualifies us to ensure technical success for R&D of conventional drugs, biotherapeutics and diagnostics.

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