B2S Labs launches e-commerce store

B2S Labs launches e-commerce store

B2S Labs is proud to announce that its e-commerce shop is now live.

B2S Labs shop

B2S Labs product screenshot

Visit b2slabs.com/shop to access the shop directly. Click on the “Shop” option under the “Catalog” menu (found at the top of any B2SLabs.com Web page) to navigate to the shop.

It is mobile-friendly.

The shop currently features a polyclonal antibody, and additional products will become available for purchase online in the near future. Products featured in the online shop will include reagents, peptides, proteins, kits, and other types of antibodies, for example.

We at B2S Labs believe our e-commerce function should evolve to support the needs of our clients and to reflect our spirit of innovation. Accordingly, the product line will expand as B2S Labs expands and will highlight the company’s unique strengths in the field of custom reagents.

For additional information about the full range of custom antibody services and capabilities available through B2S Labs products, please contact a B2S Labs sales representative today. Our ability to customize our polyclonal antibodies to your particular application sets us apart from other reagent suppliers.

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