B2S Life Sciences welcomes new Project Manager

B2S Life Sciences proudly announces the arrival of new project manager, Mr. Michael Chiappetta.  Mr. Chiappetta has dedicated the last 35 years to the commercialization of biotechnology products.  His experience has ranged from working for a breakthrough start-up company called Hybritech, noted for its contributions to the forefront of monoclonal antibody products, to a distinguished tenure at Eli Lilly and Company.  While at Lilly, Mike was instrumental in the development and commercialization of multiple pharmaceutical products.  Prior to Joining B2S Life Sciences, Mike achieved numerous notable accomplishments, such as, commercialization of the first PSA diagnostic assay and serving as the COO for the heavyweight team at Eli Lilly that was responsible for the registration and launch of the breakthrough osteoporosis drug Forteo®.

At B2S Life Sciences, Mike will assume responsibility for managing programs pertaining to pharmacokinetics, diagnostics, and personalized medicine.  Ron Bowsher, CSO, shares, “we are pleased and very fortunate to have Mike on board as a member of our team.  His experience in drug development not only deepens our professional resources, but demonstrates our mission to deliver value to our pharma clients.  Moreover, Mike represents addition of another Johnson county resident to the B2S Life Science organization.”  Mr. Aleks Davis, CEO, Adds, “Mike brings experience and tools that will help us attain the next level of growth.  From a start-up perspective, it is important to have people on your team that have experience you can lean on.  Mike has so much to offer from a technical and leadership perspective.  He is a valuable asset to our organization.”

B2S Life Sciences enables drug development support through various laboratory and data analysis services.


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