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Bioanalytical & Ligand Binding Assays

Unlike many bioanalytical consultants, B2S Life Sciences® primary expertise is in the development, validation and application of ligand binding assays. With our combined experience of over 100 years, there are few issues we have not seen before.

And, with our DoE (design of experiments) approach, we aim to approach every task in a client-friendly and educational way.

We not only have experience with various technologies, we likely were participants in developing the techniques. As such, we know the strengths and weaknesses of each technology and can therefore help you pick the right technology based on your projects needs as well as where the assays will be performed.

Bioanalytical Support

B2S Life Sciences® offers “turn-key” bioanalytical support. We can act as your bioanalytical manager, hosting teleconferences between the client and the CRO and staying on top of all development, validation and application activities. We have the scientific, technical, regulatory and management expertise to make sure your programs are progressed with minimal disruptions.

Success is not only measured on meeting and exceeding expectations but on developing long-term relationships between clients and labs. We are not tied to any CRO. It is our approach to help the client pick the right contract organization to perform the work. We routinely work with most of the CRO laboratories both domestically and internationally.

We have been at the forefront of the development of scientifically based method validation. As co-authors on many of the currently-cited white papers, we understand validation is not just “checking boxes” but an integral part of assessment and application of methods.

Our ultimate goal is to make the bioanalytical sections of submission a non-issue and to allow regulators to focus on safety and efficacy data.