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Biomarker Testing & Data Analysis

B2S Life Sciences® can aid your team in discovery and development of optimal multivariate biomarker signatures. We work with you to identify the right characterization requirements for your biomarker and reference standards.

Our experienced team can maintain and test these reagents of a predetermined or ad hoc basis and provide a full Certificate of Analysis (CoA). Additionally, we can maintain these standards in a temperature and environmentally-controlled facility, with 24-hour environmental monitoring.

Biomarker discovery, testing and analysis can be crucial for various objectives such as patient stratification, predicting treatment response, disease diagnostic and progression, interpreting high-dimensional array data, such as genomics, imaging and proteomics, study design and in-vitro screening assay evaluations.

B2S Life Sciences® offers the following services:

Bioanalytical strategies

Assay Development & Validation

Exploratory Data Analysis & Mining

Biomarker Reference Standard Generation & Characterization