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Drug Discovery Research

With over three decades of experience in the successful implementation of discovery research, B2S Life Sciences® is well qualified and equipped to offer aid to your medicine, biotechnology or pharmacology team during the drug discovery process.

We provide assistance in a broad range of drug discovery areas, including assays for drug screening, genomics, cell culture, gene transfer/gene therapy, physiology and pharmacology.

The Process

We see drug discovery as a collaborative process. We will first discuss your research ideas with you and will work with you to develop an optimal plan of implementation.

After a plan is established, we will develop one or more of the following strategies prior to starting the actual research:

Drug Screening Assays, Activity Assays, Cell Culture

Statistical support for Design of Experiments (DOE)

Creating research protocols

Crafting proposals for submission to extramural funding agencies, including writing the text, creating figures, generating the budget, etc.

Producing documents (including text and figures) for presentation to institutional peer review committees

Establishing SOPs