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Enabling innovative research in the quest to develop improved treatment options for Diabetes is one of B2S Life Sciences’ priorities, one that is now opening doors to international partnerships.  Several members of the B2S Life Sciences team recently traveled to Washington, D.C. to meet with representatives from Argentina-based Logiseed to discuss a partnership that ultimately seeks create improved research tools to drive therapeutic innovation.  The team also visited the Embassy of Argentina to discuss the project with Argentina’s Minister of Agricultural Affairs, José Molina.

B2S Life Sciences sees an opportunity for facilitating R&D research into investigations for new novel therapeutics for Diabetes and other unmet chronic maladies. The medical community is increasingly reliant upon biotherapeutics – drugs that are produced by biological systems and typically used as replacement therapeutics for naturally-occurring substances (such as insulin) or to stimulate or inhibit biological processes.  Working together across several time zones and international boundaries, B2S Life Sciences and Logiseed will conduct innovative research to enable biopharma drug development.

This collaboration offers several mutual benefits that span scientific, educational, cultural and business-related objectives for Logiseed, B2S Life Sciences, both countries and the broader biotherapeutics R&D community.

While in D.C., the B2S Life Sciences team also met with Indiana legislators, including Senator Todd Young and Representative Trey Hollingsworth, to share their innovative work to further drug development and support the economic development of Franklin, Johnson County and Indiana’s $79 billion life sciences industry as a whole.

B2S Life Sciences team members who attended these meetings included Aleks Davis, CEO; Dr. Ron Bowsher, CSO; Dr. Emilio Cordova, B2S Life Sciences consultant; and Emma Clor, scientist.