Life Cycle Management

The life cycle of product development and design between B2S Life Sciences® and our partners is a collaborative and straightforward process. While the approach is similar for all our clients, our emphasis is always on collaboration and the process is fluid and customizable to each clients’ specific needs.

When developing reagents with the aid of B2S Life Sciences®, here is what you can expect:

Step 1 – Reagent Generation/Procurement

Whether the reagent is custom generated by B2S Life Sciences® or aided on through the consulting process, each product is 100% client owned.

Step 2 – Critical Reagent Preparation

The reagent undergoes purifying, conjugations, and labeling for initial testing.

Step 3 – Full Characterization

Activity, purity, and consistency are tested to ensure the product is absolutely ready for the next steps of distribution.

Step 4 – Serialization/Track and Trace

Aliquots are generated to make vials easy to track and read.

Step 5 – Storage and Inventory Management

Specifics for inventory and storage are finalized. Reports are drafted, and any temperature-controlled requirements are met.

Step 6 – Distribution

It’s time for the product to be shipped. Supply is continuously evaluated and reconciliation is performed to analyze results.