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Life Cycle Management

Our critical reagent design and development is a comprehensive technical collaboration between our highly experienced staff scientists and our partners. Our emphasis is always on mutual success, with a reagent strategy meticulously tailored to specific client needs. Under the supervision of a technical expert, clients can expect to be guided in the following sequence:

Step 1 – Reagent Generation and Procurement

Whether the reagent is custom generated by B2S staff scientists, or submitted to our experts for fit-for-purpose evaluation , each product is entirely client owned. Once in our Life-Cycle-Management service, you can rest assured that the materials are actively managed to ensure consistent quality throughout the assay’s life.

Step 2 – Critical Reagent Preparation

The new reagent undergoes rigorous analytical characterization, as appropriate. These analyses may include proprietary purification, conjugation chemistry, and biochemical labeling to aid in activity assessments.

Step 3 – Full Characterization

To ensure reagent quality, assessments surrounding biological activity, purity, and analytical consistency are performed using our state-of-the-art equipment. Resulting in a comprehensive Reagent Characterization Form (RCF), these analyses serve as an indicator of distribution readiness.

Step 4 – Serialization and Tracking

Following characterization, bulk material is segmented into convenient, workable aliquots that are clearly labeled and serialized. The B2S life cycle management experience is built from our ability to offer clients organizational autonomy over the fate of their custom products, which includes tracking down to each vial created.

Step 5 – Storage and Inventory Management

In addition to tracking, client may manage details surrounding reagent inventory. Specifics such as preferred temperature controlled storage and packaging are applied to your critical reagents, and a comprehensive inventory report can be generated when you need it.

Step 6 – Distribution

Critical reagents can be shipped globally to ensure on-time completion of your bioanalytical studies. Distribution is tracked for each product, providing logistics details that complete the supply chain audit trail. The end of the process is marked by the completion and filing of all relevant documentation pertaining to the custom reagent. To maintain the B2S standard of quality, our supply is carefully curated under the supervision of trained laboratory personnel, which includes formalized data reconciliation.