Custom Biological Reagents

As a biotherapeutic enablement company, our mission of generating pharmaceutical-grade custom biological reagents, proprietary storage, comprehensive life-cycle management, and global distribution distinguishes B2S Life Sciences from conventional reagent companies.

B2S Life Sciences works with you to develop the right type of reagent for your bioanalytical needs. We can not only create monoclonal, polyclonal, and recombinant antibodies, but we can help design the antigen to produce the final product with high specificity and affinity. B2S Life Sciences has extensive expertise in designing custom biological reagents that result in robust assays to support analysis of immunogenicity, PK, and clinical biomarker development.

B2S Life Sciences utilizes the latest technologies to fully characterize your reagent and uses the most extensive collection of chemistries for conjugation and labeling. With us, there is no guesswork or lot-to-lot variation. You get the same quality and consistency every time.

Already have a reagent? B2S Life Sciences can help you prepare, characterize, and manage that reagent throughout its life cycle.

B2S Life Sciences is capable of supporting your custom peptide and protein generation and supply needs. Whether the protein is designed to be a reagent, immunogen, for developing antibodies or reference standard, optimization and design are critical to the quality of the end product. We utilize modern molecular biology and protein chemistry technologies to provide high-quality proteins and peptides. Our methods are also scalable, resulting in a consistent and continuous supply of products.

Have your own protocol? B2S Life Sciences is more than happy to work with you to transfer that method, and optimize it for high-quality yields.

Our peptide chemists have decades of experience designing synthetic routes for the most optimal peptide sequence. Our process employs a thorough risk assessment that looks for common and rare challenges to the selected design, as well as back-up routes. B2S Life Sciences will help you achieve the right peptide or protein for the job.

B2S Life Sciences