Life Cycle Management

At B2S Life Sciences we believe that the market for custom reagents is evolving and our focus on thorough characterization and life cycle management of reagents helps us fulfill a growing, unmet need in pharmaceuticals/biotechnology.

The extensive biopharmaceutical expertise of B2S Life Sciences’ team members, and the diverse support services of the B2S Life Sciences network, make us uniquely qualified to support this need and to provide complete six-stage life cycle management.

B2S Labs can not only build custom reagents but support them throughout the entire drug development continuum, thereby optimizing clients’ R&D of biotherapeutics.  This unique continuum of products and services help ensure consistent performance of your custom reagents and allow your drug product to get to market as efficiently as possible, while at the same time guaranteeing client confidentiality.

Our life cycle management services include:

1. Generation, including building custom reagents
2. Preparation, including purifying, chemistry, conjugations
3. Characterization, including activity, purity, concentration.  Ensuring consistency over time with periodical and reoccurring reagent characterization.
4. Serialization, including aliquots and bar coding
5. Management, including inventorying, storage, providing reports, and managing physical bio-data
6. Distribution, including continuous, uninterrupted supply of your reagents to their destinations worldwide

Contact B2S Labs today at [email protected] so our experts can help your company identify your needs and plan your personalized strategy for both creation and management of your custom reagents.

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