New affinity purified broad specificity anti-human insulin antibody available

B2S Life Sciences has been developing a new series of antibodies that are designed to improve the detection of insulin and insulin analog therapeutics.  The first available in this series is a broad specificity anti-human insulin antibodyThis affinity 01-01purified polyclonal antiserum was specifically prepared to provide broad cross‐reactivity with human insulin and common insulin analogs to allow use in ELISAs/RIAs and as an immunoaffinity capture reagent in LC‐MS/MS assays.  The immunogen consisted of pharma‐grade insulin. Following immunization and boosting, the guinea pig antiserum was purified by a multi‐stepped process which culminated in an affinity column procedure to yield the broad‐specificity antiserum. This antiserum will work exceptionally well as a capture or detection reagent in a conventional noncompetitive ELISA format. Because of its polyclonal nature, the antiserum can be used as both a capture and detection reagent. We recommend either biotinylation or an other conjugation procedure be used for the detection reagent. Suggested starting dilutions are: ELISA: 1/10,000 – 1/50,000, RIA: 1/200,000, and Immunoaffinity capture: 1/10,000 – 1/50,000

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