A next generation antibody for measuring Glargine (Lantus®)with high specificity

B2S Life Sciences has developed another next generation antibody to support diabetes research.  This Protein‐A purified polyclonal guinea pig antiserum was specifically prepared to provide investigators with an insulin antiserum that demonstrates preferential binding to insulin glargine


﴾Lantus®﴿, a widely‐used basal insulin therapeutic. The antiserum is suitable for use in ELISAs/RIAs, as an immunoaffinity capture reagent in LC‐MS/MS assays and for preparation of serum QCs for use in assays to detect and characterize ADA to glargine. The immunogen consisted of

pharma‐grade insulin glargine. Following immunization and boosting, the guinea pig antiserum was purified by a multi‐stepped process which culminated in Protein‐A column chromatography to yield the purified antiserum. This resulting antiserum displays preferential binding for insulin glargine with only native insulin having more than 50% cross‐reactivity. Suggested starting dilutions are: ELISA: 1/1,000 , RIA: 1/5,000, and Immunoaffinity capture: 1/500.

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