Technical & Medical Writing

B2S Life Sciences® can assist you in preparation and execution of technical and medical writing for your newly developed biotherapeutic.

We will directly prepare, or assist you in preparing, various media to communicate data and results from your study for both technical and medical applications and purposes, including both oral and written formats, for start-ups, clinical development or commercial organizations. These applications include:

IND applications

Submissions to regulatory bodies

Preparation and editing of text, figures and tables for manuscripts

Writing correspondence to journals

Creating lay summaries of research and grants for press releases

Preparing PowerPoint presentations for teaching, lectures, or high-level talks

Creating posters for scientific and clinical meetings

Interpreting FDA policies and guidelines

Developing U.S. labeling for physician and patient package inserts, cartons and vials

Directing FDA Advisory Committee preparations, briefing documents and presentations

Providing regulatory input to the marketing promotional materials review process

If you do not have an experienced writer on staff, B2S Life Sciences® writing services can help your project avoid the headache and possible stalling that may occur when doing writing in-house.