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Providing superior custom reagent products and services, tailored to your needs and managing them throughout the drug development process with pre-analytical and post-analytical services.

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Your dedicated team of experts in bioanalysis methods development and statistical analysis.

Critical Reagents & LCM+

Optimized critical reagents for improved analytical methods and outcomes.

Data Analytic Services

Pharmacokinetics Data Analysis and Statistical Support.

Assay Development and Sample Analysis

Design and execute assays that complement custom critical reagents.

Our Library

Manuscripts, Publications, Application Notes and Presentations.

Extensive Expertise 

B2S Life Sciences’ experts are here to help!

To succeed in in today’s challenging biotherapuetics and diagnostics regulatory environment, you need the most advanced bioanalytical systems, methods, and support.

Critical Reagent Generation/Life Cycle Management

Assay Development

Immunogenicity / Statistical Support

Pharmacokinetics and Toxicokinetics Data Analysis




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