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Jessica A Feauto, Aleks Davis, Sanofar J Abdeen, Hannah N Gill, Jamie E Colwell, Michael Chiappetta, Ronald R Bowsher

Bioanalysis 2022

Immunogenicity Manuscript: “An Integrated Analysis of Dostarlimab Immunogenicity”

Sharon Lu, Ronald R. Bowsher, Amanda Clancy, Amy Rosen, Mingxuan Zhang, Ying Yang, Kathleen Koeck, Minggeng Gao, Elizabeth Potocka, Wei Guo, Kai Yu Jen, Ellie Im & Ashley Milton

AAPS Journal 2021

Sensitive assay design for detection of anti-drug antibodies to biotherapeutics that lack an immunoglobulin Fc domain

Derrick Johnson, Erica Simmons, Sanofar Abdeen, Adam Kinne, Elijah Parmer, Sherri Rinker, Jennifer Thystrup, Swarna Ramaswamy & Ronald R. Bowsher

Nature Scientific Report 2021

Clinical Immunogenicity of DaxibotulinumtoxinA for Injection in Glabellar Lines Pooled Data from the SAKURA Phase 3 Trials

Conor J. Gallagher 1,*, Ronald R. Bowsher 2, Amanda Clancy 2, Jeffrey S. Dover 3, Shannon Humphrey 4, Yan Liu 1 and Gregg Prawdzik 1

Toxins 2023

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