We provide superior custom reagent products and services that are tailored to our clients’ needs and manage these products and services for clients throughout the drug development process with pre-analytical and post-analytical services.

Our combination of expertise, products, and services thereby uniquely qualifies us to better the development process for biotherapeutic drugs, CROs, pharma, biotech and diagnostics.

Leadership Team

Aleks Davis BS, MBA

Partner and Chief Executive Officer
B2S Life Sciences

Ronald R. Bowsher PH.D.

Partner and Chief Scientific Officer
B2S Life Sciences

Melissa Johnson

Director of Client Engagement and Marketing
B2S Life Sciences

Amber Bechert

Director of Quality and IT
B2S Life Sciences

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Who We Are

B2S Life Sciences is not a typical CRO. Rather, we are a Biotherapeutic Enablement Company. We advance biotherapeutic drug development by providing optimized critical reagents for improved analytical methods and outcomes for companies involved in the development of biotherapeutic drugs and diagnostics. Additionally, we provide support for biotherapeutic drug development from late phase discovery through BLA submission. Our major focus is on the design, generation, purification and life cycle management of custom critical reagents to support Regulated Bioanalysis and CMC assays of biotherapeutics. Our custom reagents are specifically designed and manufactured to be optimal for the intended analytical purpose. Moreover, we store our custom critical reagents in our proprietary LCM+ inventory system to maintain these products in a controlled manner to help ensure long term stability, consistency in performance and provide a well-documented chain-of-custody for regulatory compliance. When combined with our range of downstream services novel business model and services uniquely qualifies us to meet the drug development needs for pharma, biotech, CROs and diagnostics.


Our mission is to leverage our extensive expertise in bioanalytical methods, development and statistical analysis to:

  1. Help ensure technical success
  2. Create value
  3. Make a positive impact on discovery and development projects and regulatory submissions for our clients’ therapeutic products and devices.

Core Mission

B2S Life Science’s CORE MISSION is to design, generate, purify, characterize, and perform life cycle management of custom critical reagents, combined with complementary downstream activities, including:

  • Assay development and qualification
  • Non-GLP bioanalysis and CRO oversight for GLP bioanalysis
  • Data analytics services, including PK/TK, immunogenicity cut point statistics, clinical immunogenicity, and support for IND/NDA/BLA submissions

B2S Life Sciences strives to maximize R&D quality and efficiency by enabling successful regulatory submissions of biotherapeutics.


B2S Life Sciences Offers:

  • Pre-Analytical thru Post-Analytical services to extend the range of capabilities typically found at conventional bioanalytical CROs
  • Provide services for unmet drug development needs
  • Serve as a consultative advisory partner
  • Support both large & small molecule therapeutic

B2S Life Sciences Business Focus vs. that of a Conventional Bioanalytical CRO

Our History

Incorporated in 2002 as Bowsher Brunelle Smith LLC (d/b/a B2S Consulting), we were founded as an Indianapolis-based firm offering a range of consulting services to support research and development of biotherapeutics and conventional pharmaceuticals.

Leveraging decades of combined experience in drug development and applied statistics, Dr. Ronald Bowsher and his business partners offered cutting-edge and in-depth support for nonclinical and clinical drug development.

In January 2017, our core competencies were consolidated under the network of B2S Life Sciences, a service-driven biotherapeutic enablement company offering premier laboratory analysis and life cycle management of custom reagents.

Today, B2S Life Sciences serves pharma and biotechnology clients by offering a wide range of pre-analytical (generation of custom reagents) and post-analytical (data analytics and statistics, pharmacokinetic data analysis and clinical immunogenicity) services.

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