B2S offers LCM+ for Superior Storage and Tracking of Critical Reagents

With just a simple push of a button, our LCM+ portal provides global clients with instantaneous access to key information about your critical reagents! Our proprietary LCM+ service provides onsite storage of critical reagents in 24-7 temperature monitored freezer units. Portal access gives users the ability to track their samples in the B2S LIMS system, annual characterization information combined with defined retesting to ensure long term consistency. Moreover our portal enables Sponsors to make requests in real-time for shipping of their critical reagents to CROs or other destinations. Alternatively, CROs can initiate electronic requests for critical reagents and receive them upon Sponsor approval.

The LCM+ Portal will allow users to:

  • Request reagents to be sent to your CRO labs and research partners
  • Review quantities of available reagents
  • Get comprehensive reports on your complete critical reagent portfolio in real-time

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